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Revitalizing Services by Massage Therapists 

Soothe your tired body by going to Beach Massage and Spa in Daytona Beach Shores, Florida. Our massage therapists offer a variety of massage therapy services, such as:

Deep-Tissue Massage
Our massage therapists can apply deeper pressure on your muscles, as opposed to just on the top, to release muscle tension.

Swedish Massage
This massage service involves long, smooth strokes on your muscles and some deep tissue.

Thai Massage
With our Thai Massage, we stretch and bend your muscles; pulling on your arms and legs to elongate your tendons.

Reflexology Massage
Our reflexology massage involves rotation of acupuncture points to relieve pain and stress.

Stone Relaxation
Our experienced therapists use heated basalt rocks to penetrate deep into the skin and release tension and stress. It also helps relax your sore muscles rather than using your hands. This is highly recommended for a range of ailments and chronic pain.

Asian Massage
At Beach Massage and Spa, our professional therapists are highly trained in administering the Asian method. Compared to the American massage method, which only involves the muscles, the Asian method focuses on acupuncture points without the use of needles. Contact us now to schedule an appointment.

Massage Benefits

Pamper yourself today with our relaxing massage sessions. Aside from having an enjoyable massage experience, our therapeutic massages give you several benefits, such as:

Less Pain - Reduced Stress - Better Sleep - Deep Relaxation

Hot Stone Massage